For some people, maybe most, buying a vintage camera comes with a justifiable concern that you won't get your money’s worth. Things can go wrong with older cameras, even those that have been well-maintained. As with all precisely engineered devices, cameras sometimes need attention. That’s just the reality of owning a vintage (or even a newer) camera.

I'd like you to feel confident when you buy a camera from Factory, and here's my guarantee:

Because Factory Cameras is also a repair and restoration business, we’re in a position to offer you complete peace of mind when you buy one of our cameras. It means that when you purchase from Factory, you’re entitled to send it to us anytime for repair or service free of charge for the first year you own the camera. If something needs cleaning, lubricating, or adjustment at any point in the year after you’ve bought it, we’ll service it at no cost to ensure it works to your standards, and ours. Just get in touch and we’ll take care of things. Read the "How does it work section?" which follows for info about how to take advantage of the service. 
There’s more…
If the year-long service offer doesn’t convince you, we also offer a money-back guarantee on our refurbished cameras for one year from the time they’re purchased as well. If you aren’t happy with the camera at some point in the first year you own it, we’ll refund you the full amount. All you need to do is return the (undamaged) camera to us and you’ll get your money back. 


How does it work?

When you receive your vintage camera, you’ll find simple instructions in the box on what to do if your camera needs service or you want to return it. We make it so simple to take us up on our guarantee, you’ll wonder why everyone doesn’t do it.

If you have any questions about this guarantee or anything else concerning Factory Cameras, send me a note at kevin@factorycameras.com, and I’ll reply personally by email or phone.

 Kevin Shoesmith