Prices are averages only and may be more or less depending on the camera or lens model.


Average Film Camera Repair: $75–150 + parts (if necessary)
Average Medium Format Camera Repair: $100–200 + parts (if necessary)


Labour Repair Rate

$100/hr (minimum 1/2hr charge)

Camera Calibrations & Adjustments

$100/hr (minimum 1/2hr charge)

Light Seal Replacement 

$75–$100 (parts & labour)

CLA (Clean, Lube, Adjust)

  • Level I 35mm SLR: $125
  • Level II 35mm SLR: $175
  • Leica M* CLA: $225
  • TLR (Twin Lens) CLA: $175

Medium Format CLA



Leaf Shutter/Lens Service

$150–$200 (Compur, Prontor, Copal, Seikosha)

Manual Lens Service


Pre-market Sales Appraisal

$100 (includes shutter speed-testing and written PDF report)