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Created especially for film photographers.

Restoration & Repair Services

Factory Cameras restores and repairs classic film cameras. Every camera serviced is refurbished as close to original manufacturer standards as possible.



Light seals, mirror boxes, film advance levers & gears, film uptake mechanisms, light meter function, and all other repairs.


Restoration of your camera or lens to full factory specs and performance with CLA service or overhaul. Your prized possession restored.


Shutter speeds, focus, and rangefinder adjustment. Ensure your camera’s exposure accuracy for truly remarkable images.

we offer


If you or someone you know is preparing a high-value camera for sale, bring it to Factory for a performance assessment. We'll put it through a series of tests, including shutter speed testing, and help you appraise it for market. Included is a printable report you can offer prospective buyers to help assure them they're getting a camera in excellent condition.

From x12, Factory's Newsletter

Our newsletter, X12, is a useful resource for film photographers. Sometimes the articles are too long to send in an email, so we link to then here. There are also a handful of items from pre-X12.


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Awesome experience. Kevin brought my Minolta SR-T 101 back into working condition in less than a week. He fully communicated every step of the process and what needed to be done... Definitely will be using Factory again. Thanks again, Kevin!!
— Rachel
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Nothing but good has come from Kevin since meeting him, super knowledgeable about cameras and very friendly. I had some issues with my Mamiya m645, the internal light seals were pealing and the shutter curtains was out of sync. He fixed it for a very reasonable price and did a great job. 10/10 would recommend his service to anyone... Couldn't be happier with the result!
— Matt